4 Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Pay Per Call

22 Aug

Performance marketers are notorious for knowing the secrets as well as tricks for effectively driving new leads and converting them to sales using various digital channels in the most economical way they can be. But there are many that are ignoring high value stream of revenue which is the "Phone Call".

While it may look complicated and stressful to look at what pay per call is, assuming that you've chosen the right platform, publishers, advertisers as well as agencies can be empowered in generating and even tracking calls the same way that they do with online traffic. For those who try to understand the finer details of the said method, here are some of the frequently asked questions that should be considered in order to get your feet in this game.

Question number 1. What is a pay per call?

Answer: Pay Per Callers is basically a type of performance marketing to which the advertiser pays the publishers or known otherwise as distribution or affiliate partner to get quality calls which are generated on the advertiser's end. In other words, the pay per call will track calls the same way how performance networks track the clicks.

Question number 2. What are the benefits that this provides to advertisers?

Answer: Advertisers who chose to publish this campaign can easily expand their distribution and inbound call volume across various channels with minimum effort added on their part. Apart from that, they have the benefits of completing visibility and control over call traffic as well as customer experience. Maintaining brand integrity and ensuring remarkable customer experience is vital whenever you work with new publishers. With pay per call, this gives brand the control needed to test new campaigns and for publishers, to get this done with just minimal risks involved.

Question number 3. What verticals work perfectly for this campaign?

Answer: Ideal verticals for such campaign are the industries that are more focused on lead generation just like home services, legal services, travel agencies, financial services, EDU, insurance and to name a few. This perfectly works with high consideration service or product where the customers typically need human touch at some point in purchase journey.

Question number 4. How publishers benefit from it?

Answer: With Pay Per Call Community, publishers can develop new channels of revenue within the current business model. It is not about calls or clicks rather, it is clicks and calls. Pay per calls are providing the chance to monetize both phone as well as online traffic by utilizing existing channels and all other promotional methods.

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